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Welcome to In The Mix Photography.

My Scandinavian ancestry has instilled a deep sense of adventure and exploration which has led to combining two of my passions, riding motorcycles and photography.
These adventures lead me in many different directions but they all lead to the same goal of sharing beautiful things and new adventures.

As often thought, exploring the world is related to travelling to distant lands and foreign places and although that is one form, I believe my calling is to offer an alternative view. The view that I feel is to share the wonder of the world that it shows on a daily basis. Sometimes, this falls into more distant travels, but it's always about the simple beauty of life.

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Jousting Folsom 2012

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Created 28-Jan-13
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Jousting Folsom 2012

Real Estate

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Real Estate

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Real Estate

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Real Estate

Remembering Matthew

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Created 21-Sep-17
Modified 21-Sep-17

The Legends At The Cactus Galt - 2017

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Created 15-Sep-17
Modified 15-Sep-17


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Created 30-May-17
Modified 30-May-17

Soldier Memorial

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Created 26-May-17
Modified 26-May-17
Soldier Memorial

The Legends At The Cactus - May 2017

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45 photos
Created 9-May-17
Modified 9-May-17
The Legends At The Cactus - May 2017

Brookdale - Cinco de Mayo 2017

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Created 6-May-17
Modified 6-May-17
Brookdale - Cinco de Mayo 2017

Cuba 2017

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Created 18-Apr-17
Modified 18-Apr-17
Cuba 2017



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